Back from the dead!

Well after several years, hello again dear friends! I’ve been away from tech blogging for some time. Part of that was putting info instead into the wiki (which could do with a tidy up here and there), and another reason was I was just too busy with general life issues – moving cities, changing jobs, and most importantly – looking after an ill family member and ultimately saying goodbye to them when it became their time to depart this Earth.

If there’s one good thing about a coronavirus pandemic – it’s slowing things down a little so I can get back to a more manageable routine. I’ve since re-logged into this site for the first time in literally years. I’ve updated PHP; updated some themes and plugins; approved some old comments (sorry ’bout that!); fixed some broken things, and am now attempting to get my head back into WordPress.

About those comments – it really brings it home that doing things like writing tech guides online purely to help others is a good thing to do. There were quite a few “thank you!” comments waiting for me which I hadn’t seen in years, which really made my day. I could just write somethings down in a text file, Word doc, hidden wiki page or something else and be no worse off, but I figure if it’s something I’ve had to struggle to piece the correct info together, then why horde that info?  Why not help others? So I figure I might as well write some more blog posts, and hopefully get some more “thank you” comments along the way!

I am now prepaing another post on some dabblings in reverse proxy servers on Ubuntu – specificially some GeoLocation blocking. 🙂  I hope this blog post finds you well, happy and healthy.


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