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  1. Hello Gavin. Your instructions to set up MythTV backend worked for me. I’ve been struggling with my new FreeNas box. I’ve got a reasonably powerful intel box running and have FreeNas installed and up with a plex media server alse running. I am a windows user of many years including servers and new to the world of Linux/FreeNAS/FreeBDS.

    I have fitted a 6281 dual dvb-t2 Pci card in the vane belief I might use it to create a PVR as part of the FreeNAS server. How do I install the card drivers and then establish a link to, say, the myth backend.

    What I want to be able to do is use a frontend device like iPhone or a XBMC client to set record and other user\management tasks.


    1. This is one of the key downfalls of FreeNAS – it runs on FreeBSD and has very little support for DVB cards. This is why I use a standalone HDHomeRun box, which works wiht pretty-much everything. I actually run TVheadend as I find it easier to work with and more tightly integrated with Kodi than what MythTV is.

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